Amfiteatru Foundation in collaboration with the Romanian Academy – CEIS

are honored to invite you to


at Sovata, Danubius Hotel, March 23-25, 2012


The concept of responsible tourism has become ever more present in debates regarding the evolution of communities, through an ethical approach for local economy development. Responsible tourism can be applied anywhere there is human, cultural, natural, social, knowledge, value and conservation heritage.

The National Forum for Responsible Tourism establishes a general objective for promoting this concept in tourism environments, but also the implications of the principles of this approach for the Romanian society.

The event creates a communication, debate and mediation platform between the main parties in order to stimulate a wide campaign for understanding this type of tourism.

Members of the public, central and local authorities, professional associations, academic and research environment, SMBs, NGOs, special publications, domestic and foreign experts, international institutions and organizations representatives, etc., are invited to the National Forum for Responsible Tourism.

The Forum wants to create an organizing frame and the necessary emulation for elaborating the National Carta for Responsible Tourism, a programmatic document that wants to promote this type of approach in Romania.

Aurel Borșan,
President of the Amfiteatru Foundation


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