National Forum for Responsible Tourism

The Amfiteatru Foundation and the Romanian Academy – CEIS is organizing the National Forum for Responsible Tourism, during March 23-25, 2012, at the Danubius Hotel, in Sovata.
Responsible tourism is a different approach towards traveling and free time activities, as well as a different approach in traveling services. Responsible tourism basically wants to have a minimum impact on the environment and local culture, it educates tourists on important aspects, while it also generates income, it creates jobs for the local community and it contributes to the conservation of ecosystems.
By minimizing elements that have a negative impact on local characteristics the important premises are created for developing a successful cultural tourism, based on cultivating local identity. Thus, the involvement of local and central authorities, as well as private travel agents becomes essential. Adopting a responsible behavior in tourism generates bigger economic benefits for locals and it increases the community’s quality of life and work conditions, contributing substantially to the general development of Romanian tourism. Local agent involvement in making travel decisions in the area is also good for developing individual responsibilities and concentrating common efforts towards the established strategies. By contributing to the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage, responsible tourism offers unique experiences to tourists by constantly connecting them to local realities and by bringing an easier understanding of the cultural, social and environmental problems of local communities.
The National Forum for Responsible Tourism’s general objective is to promote this concept in touristic environments, but also the implications of the principles of this approach for the Romanian society.
The event unites members of the public, central and local authorities, professional associations, academic and research environment, SMBs, NGOs, special publications, domestic and foreign experts, international institutions and organizations representatives, etc. in an extensive campaign for understanding this type of tourism.
Also, the Forum would like to create an organizational frame and the necessary emulation for elaborating the National Carta for Responsible Tourism, a programmatic document that wants to promote this type of approach in our country.
An easier communication between public and private agents can create lasting partnerships at a local level, which would bring multiple benefits to touristic, cultural and general social development.
Through the forum, the main methods can be identified for cultivating local touristic potential by conserving social and cultural identity, the natural and anthropic elements affected through responsible tourism and by a offering proper education in the corresponding field.

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